The Great Railway Bazaar
The Old Patagonian Express
The Kingdom By The Sea
Sailing Through China
Sunrise With Seamonsters
The Imperial Way
Riding The Iron Rooster
To The Ends Of The Earth
The Happy Isles Of Oceania
The Pillars Of Hercules
Sir Vidia's Shadow
Fresh Air Fiend
Best American Travel Writing
Dark Star Safari
Ghost Train to the Eastern Star
The Tao of Travel
The Last Train to Zona Verde
Best American Travel Writing 2014
Deep South
Figures in a Landscape


Fong And The Indians
Murder In Mount Holly
Girls At Play
Jungle Lovers
Sinning With Annie
Saint Jack
The Black House
The Family Arsenal
The Consul's File
Picture Palace
A Christmas Card
London Snow
World's End
The Mosquito Coast
The London Embassy
Half Moon Street
The White Mans Burden
My Secret History
Chicago Loop
Millroy The Magician
My Other Life
Kowloon Tong
The Collected Short Novels
Hotel Honolulu
Nurse Wolf And Dr. Sacks
Stranger At The Palazzo D'Oro
Two Stars
Blinding Light
The Elephanta Suite
A Dead Hand
The Lower River
Mr. Bones
Mother Land



'Travel is nasty'

Read and article from The Guardian on Paul Theroux.

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Looking for Paul's books made into movies?

Review of Hunter S. Thompson's book, Kingdom of Fear. Written by Paul Theroux, published in The Guardian Unlimited.

An interesting article by a fellow Peace Corps writer who has met Theroux and writes about their histories are intertwined.

A lovely review of Dark Star Safari by Merle Rubin- full of praise. Printed in the LA Times.

Check out this video interview from the San Diego City Club circa Hotel Honolulu. You can watch it online at the UCSDtv web site or order the VHS tape (program 5662

Short, but current interview, referring to Dark Star Safari

An excellent interview with Theroux at: in the "books" section. Article by Mick Brown, Oct 12, 2002.

This is a very interesting interview with Mr. Theroux from Salon Magazine. Written by Dwight Garner, 1999.

Wired For Books

Four audio interviews with Paul Theroux by Don Swaim of CBS Radio are posted at Wired For Books

Another interesting interview this time from Powells. Written by Dave Weich , 2000.

This interview is a little dated, but still very readable. Taken from a phone interview by Stephan Capen, 1995.

Not only is this a link to an interview but you can also use it to find a number of articles published by Mr. Theroux in The Atlantic Monthly. Interview by Anthony Grant, 1997.

A short interview that relates mainly to Fresh Air Fiend. By Alden Mudge, 2000.

Quite a long interview, taken from a speech Mr. Theroux gave to the Commonwealth Club about his then newly published book, Hotel Honolulu. Interviewed by Barbara Lane, 2001. One can listen to it with Real Player.

A great discussion of Kowloon Tong's strengths and weaknesses as a book. By Thomas Keneally, 1997. Also a link to other reviews in The New York Times on Mr. Theroux's works over the years.

This link is to a stinging witty review by Theroux of V. S. Naipaul's recent Nobel prize winning book, Half A Life. 2001

Here's a link to a current article by Theroux in Time Magazine's Special Report called "Asian Journey". His next book, Dark Star Safari is due out this winter.

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