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Book Description
Beware, all who enter here... into the America of the 21st century, this forbidden land of nuclear waste, mutants, and aliens. Even now, so many years after the disaster, O-Zone remains under quarantine, off-limits... to all but the wealthiest Owners. To these eight Owners, it is amusement, a New Year's Eve picnic. The land's wild beauty awes them -- but the aliens are a shock: the two the Owners kill look disturbingly human.

Haunted, Hooper Allbright will return to the depths of the zone -- and find, among the aliens, the only woman he's ever loved. His nephew Fisher, brilliant and tormented, will disappear into the alien's uncharted life -- first a victim, finally a hero. And Moura, made a mother by a man she never knew, will face the challenge of her long-buried craving.

Beware, Owners, of the bitter brave new world... beware the O-Zone's most dangerous secret -- the fascination of the untamed.

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Hamish Hamilton

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