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Murder In Mount Holly

Book Description
Murder in Mount Holly is set at that time in American history when Lyndon Johnson was having trouble with his gall bladder. It was incidentally the same time that Herbie Gneiss was forced to leave college and made to work at the Kant-Brake toy factory (manufacturers of war toys for children) in order to keep his fifteen-stone widowed mother from starvation. Mr. Gibbon, veteran of three wars, also works at Kant-Brake; when Herbie is drafted into the army, Mr. Gibbon falls in love with Herbie’s mother and persuades her to live with him in Miss Ball’s rooming house. Because Herbie is fighting nobly for his country, Mr. Gibbon feels that he, Miss Ball and Mrs. Gneiss should do something patriotic as well. They decide to rob the Mount Holly Trust Company because it is managed by a small dark man who is ... probably a communist. There are complications: Miss Ball’s Puerto Rican lover, Juan (“Warren”); Mrs. Gneiss’s inertia; several necessary murders; Herbie’s death in action; and, of course, the difficulty of three people over sixty executing a daylight bank robbery. But none of these complications prevents the old threesome from seeing their mission through to the end. They triumph, striking a blow for old age and for ... America, proving the words of two commentators on the American scene, the poet e. e. cummings, who said “The pigpen is mightier than the sword,” and the militant H. Rap Brown, who will be remembered for saying, “Violence is as American as cherry pie.”

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